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Flamengo has discovered a total of 38 confirmed HIV-19 cases in Brazil, according to the Football Association. That includes three senior team players.

A total of 293 people in the 2019 Copa Libertadores-winning club have been tested for the HIV-19 virus. All on the principles of the country's government and the Ministry of Health.

A statement from Flamengo said players with family or staff members who tested positive for the Kov-19 would be required Isolated with daily check-ups and virus signals and new tests.

And in the event of a negative test, they will be able to return to their work under strict safety measures . In the case of positive tests, they will have to follow the standard measures already applied to those who have tested positive Come on.

The club has also reaffirmed that it is working in full capacity with government authorities to take responsibility for the safety of all staff towards Returning to football action in the near future. (Taken from Goal.com)