Takeo: The group of von Garment factory workersIn Samrong Village, Sophy commune, Bati district, 53 people continued to fall on January 22, 2020, following yesterday's strike. More than 40 people fainted.

The collapsed workers were sent to a private clinic where the agreement was reached with the contractor, said Lieutenant Governor Mol Vicht. The National Social Security Fund and some have been sent to medical centers and hospitals in Bati district, and so far, workers In the fall, Congress has recovered.
According to the deputy governor, Takeo said, according to a committee formed to find out the causes of the fainting Officials from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor have revealed the reason for workers to remain unconscious for the next two days. It is caused by a lack of oxygen for breathing and breathing Because there is not enough air in the cabin.
According to Mulvich, in order to prevent workers from falling further, the Joint Committee has advised the factory to arrange for the factory to move in and out. The factory allowed 98 workers to rest until the seventh day to return to work and had to be suspended until extended health. You are getting better A: Takeo