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Most women experience an unusual appetite for sweets or salty foods during menstruation. What should I do? Don't worry! The following website Health.com.kh will give you tips on coping with this:

1. Eat a healthy fat:
Combining healthy fats such as avocado, fish, oily cereals will help Keep you satiated and long enough, no longer sweet or salty.

2. Avoid refined carbohydrates:
When you're eating processed foods, refined carbohydrates, such as cookies, cookies, pizza, pizza, etc. Carbohydrates are released into the bloodstream very quickly and blood sugar levels rise. Makes you hungry for an unusual meal.

3. Glucose levels:
You should not eat too many sugary foods because the more you eat, the more hungry you will be Grow stronger.

4. Include more fiber in the diet:
The best way to slow the release of blood sugar is to suppress hunger during menstruation Foods are rich in fiber in the diet.

5. Eat lean protein:
Meat, chicken breasts, whites, eggs, beans, grains and nuts should also be included in the diet. Also. This is because the protein takes longer to digest, so you feel full longer. (Source: Health.com.kh) (Editing by: Bopha)