Prey Veng: National Road 11, with a length of 96 km, connects to Prey Veng provinceThe junction of National Road 1 (Neak Loeung) and Tbong Khmum at the intersection of National Road # 7 (Thnal Road) with AC concrete as of today On April 25, 2020, 91.14 percent of construction is completed.

On the morning of Monday, May 4, 2020, HE Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport, led a delegation from the Ministry of Transport to check progress on road construction. National No. 11 with the participation of specialist officials, construction company representatives, technical consultants and stakeholders.

The purpose of this visit is to look at the remaining shortcomings as well as some technical issues related to the construction of the contractor. Builds, modifies and complements technical specifications in accordance with the load book to make the road strong and durable.

It has a total of 96 kilometers, including 86,808 km of main road and 9,194 km of inner city. From Neak Loeung, National Road No 1 is located at Village 4, Prek Khsay B Commune, Peam Ror District, Prey Veng Province, to the National Road No intersection. 7 is located in Waningng Village, Chup Commune, Tboung District The bees in Tbong Khmum thick concrete floor, 5 cm thick, 11 meters wide, and equipped with traffic signs, traffic markers, poles and security poles Road, too.

The route is an important economic route that needs to be expanded to facilitate more traffic between Prey Veng and Tbong Khmum.

The road, built by China Bridge and Road Corporation (CRBC), overseen by Guangzhou Technicians Consulting Company (WACC), costs 98 $ 388,000 in financing from the People's Republic of China, construction 44 months starting December 2017 and scheduled for end of year 2020. As of April 25, 2020, the road has reached 91.14 percent.

Speaking to reporters during the visit, the Senior Minister said that despite the global outbreak of Kov 19 However, construction of road and bridge infrastructure remains the same except for National Road 2 and Highway 22 due to arrival. Of elastic band units.

The Senior Minister said that, through the quality control of the road, the National Road No. 11, the National Road No. 3, etc., are of standard quality and respectful. Technically and the book of charge is not a slim, solid injection. Also, the Minister has informed all construction companies that if they do not want to be rebuilt or blacklisted, they must comply with the standards. Technical and book loads are absolute.

The Senior Minister emphasized that in the time of the Techo Sen, the road is connected to all national and regional roads, that we can travel to all Place in the country without going back.

His Excellency the Minister has instructed all road users to join the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially those living along the road. National roads, do not violate the feed land, the roads are to abide by the law and must not be overloaded by law. By: Kolab