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Cambodia is one of the oldest countries in Southeast Asia, and the nation has its New Year's Day. The Lunar New Year, which will be celebrated three days in length, and with each new year comes the angels. The seven daughters of Gleam Mahathra turn around to save the people Each day and each day is never missed. The names of the seven great deities represent each day:

Sunday, the goddess Tutu Tevi, the red martini, the pomegranate, the glass vase, the right hand palm, the left hand army, the scorpion, the eagle. .

On Monday, the angel named Korah Devi Devi, yellow amber, the octopus, the Buddha, the pearls, the pearls (oil), the right hand Preah Vihear Temple holding wooden walker

Tuesday, the angel named Raja Devi Devi, purple, scarf, lotus, lotus, handkerchief, blood (right), right hand holding left triangle Hold the bow, horse, horse.

Wednesday, Angel named Devi Devi, Sapphira, Champa, glassware, glassware, sip drink (fresh milk), right hand holding left needle Holding crutches, donkeys;

5-Thursday, Angel named Karin Tevi, green turquoise, strawberry, jasmine, sapphire Shoot the elephants.

Friday, Angel named Kimsura Devi, He is white, is eating a banana, a banana, a right hand, and a Buddhist monk.

On Saturday, the angel named Mohammed Devi, in blue, a turquoise, a nickel, a saree, and a miniature rooster crows with his rifle. The left holds the Peacock Triangle.

This year, the Maharashtra Buddha's second daughter, Koratra Devi, came down on the island Monday. All the people, men and women, prepare for the pilgrimage, the pilgrimage to Ratanakkiri, and welcome the New Year's Devas and try to please Worse, the tenant is an evil mind, trapped by a malicious, malicious, malicious bully, who, in the olden years, is determined to do good deeds, recite the gifts Good Maintain the five principles constantly, Angel and Blessings, you will be happy, prosperous, prosperous, all the years. New this year. San Sarin