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Children, always keep in mind that parents are children of God, which causes stress on the chest. Crying tears is a serious sin for your child. My son and daughter, always remember these six tips:

1- Obeying the Parents' Good Advice Will Never End Yes.

2. The repayment of grace is from the life of the person to the death.

3) To be a good child is to practice good behavior, to be good, to be alert, to be quick, to be smart, to move ahead, to work against. Time to build up and for the betterment of the society.

4- Drinking alcohol is the way of death for your children, be self-aware, exhort yourself, do not be shy Gambling and sin, you must always be on the road to justice.

5- Don't be complacent in life This road is near the edge of the lake to live.

6. Girlfriends, girlfriends, wine and gambling, and not worrying about business, risky, sure, deep, deep, not broken. .

These six tips are essential for the success of your son and daughter In society. San Sarin