Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Ovandin, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said in a press conference at the Council of Ministers yesterday that the Kovid 19 fast test device could Poses a serious danger to public health while the government is battling the spread of the virus. Her claim came after an announcement was made on Facebook.

"According to WHO studies, WHO claims that these devices are extremely effective," she said. This is a test of belief in low performance.

"Another point that is to be observed is that if a person is positive, Kov 19 goes to the negative test," she said. If a person does not have a CAV-19 to him / her to get a test of 19, then this is a big risk. For public health issues.

She says this is why the WHO has not yet recommended the use, but the WHO will speed up the evaluation of the proposed equipment. To WHO.

"So expect some light and some guidance in the near future," she said. Just as soon as I dare not, because of the World Health Organization's decision to use the Rapid test.

However, authorities on March 29 arrested a young woman in her 20s for selling test kits Coronavirus virus online, which is banned by the Ministry of Health.

The police chief of Kilometer 6, who asked not to be named, told the Post on Monday that the woman had been posted before the arrest. There is a sale on Facebook for testing of the Kovirus 19 virus. Authorities later found the post online and assigned his police station to search and find out. She found the girl living in Kilometer No. 6.

“Obviously, after we arrived at the district commando's house, it was his house. Not yet available for sale, just that he posted a picture that he had the van for sale and apparently now his Inspector. Bring them in for questioning to continue the process, ”he said.

Heang Tharrat, Russey Keo district police chief, told the Post briefly on Monday that the perpetrator had been referred to the Phnom Penh Municipal Police.

Phnom Penh Police Chief Seth could not be reached for comment Monday.

National Police website on Monday confirmed that Phnom Penh authorities on March 29 inspected 12 pharmacies around Tapang Market for Check out the location where this Kovid 19 test kits are sold, but no pharmacies sell the Kov 19 test.

Prime Minister Hun Sen at Monday's press conference called on people not to believe in a test that can detect HIV 19 and any drugs that could cure the infection and ordered authorities to take measures.

Even though the law has not yet been put in place, the state has the ability to seize such devices and drugs based on the anti-trafficking law. The counterfeit medicine is led by the Ministry of Interior and is joined by the Ministry of Health.

“So get rid of it, you don't have to find a warehouse, you don't have to pay anything back,” he said. By the time we got to the point, there was no need to get busy with the merchants. I firmly set the order without much further education. Anyone who advertises online must immediately go online to catch people and collect materials. ”