Svay Rieng Province: Her Excellency Dr. Men Sam An Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Ministry of National Assembly, Senate and Inspection and Chairman of the National Labor Advisory Committee on the morning of February 11, 2020 Here, in the hall, the "D" Hall of the Provincial Government is presiding over a plenary session of the Working Party and the Public Forum. Annual Report 2019 and directions for implementation 2020 the National Working Group of Svay Rieng Provincial Council to monitor and support the implementation of the Royal Government's Fourth Phase Rectangular Policy and Strategy Cambodia.

On that occasion, Mr. Men Vibol, Svay Rieng Provincial Governor and Permanent Deputy Director of the National Commission for Disaster Management in Svay Rieng province reported briefly. In addition to employment development and solution growth for the people's request, the strengths of the challenge in 2019 and the 2020 working group's continued goals. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Men Sam An, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senate Relations and Inspection The Svay Rieng Provincial Base expressed his appreciation for the achievements and the work that the team has achieved. Take the lead Citizens' requests are the result of solidarity and collaboration between members of the working group. For all levels from national to local.

At the same time, Ms. Her Excellency Habitat also requested the national team to work in Svay Rieng province, provincial authorities and all civil society organizations. We must pay attention to the following important points:

1) Continue to hold small public meetings frequently or to follow the back of the house to learn about difficult situations, requests, and solutions. In time.

2. Do good and provide public services and requests promptly to the people for their support. .

3) To discuss and discuss issues as a group or group to solve problems and questions raised by the people based on law and reality. In case of non-settlement, the above report must be reported.

4- The following are the five Prime Ministers of the Prime Minister: "Mirrors, baths, baths, cures and surgeries"; Outsiders in the spirit of independence ”to be remembered always.

5. To monitor the speech of senior management, especially the Prime Minister, to invest and to be responsible. Basically, to enlighten the people and to react swiftly, all the propaganda tactics of the opposition.

6- To disseminate the achievements and achievements of the Royal Government and senior management, especially senior leaders, including the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister Policymakers in the field of international relations, economic, social and employment, government reform, especially decentralization and deconcentration reform.

To educate the local people regarding EBA issues, as the EBA will withdraw when the country becomes a country. With development.

8. The team will work with the women on the 1st Anniversary of International March 8, which will arrive at the end of the month. In line with the government's directions, the government has stepped down. By: Waiko