On April 10, 2020, Ean Seavmey is the CEO of Castle E Diamond Exclusively imported Mia Ei Ei beauty products donated $ 5,000, 100 bottles of hand wash gel and 100 anti-virus sprays HE Dr. Men Sam An, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspections, to fight the disease with Kodi-19.

On this occasion, Ms. Ean Seavmey was impressed that “today I am very happy to be able to join with Madam Men Sam. And I also brought some material and some money to Madam to use for fighting the Kov-19 happening in Cambodia. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Regardless of where or when, she explains, washing your hands before touching food or body, your face is something everyone Apply regularly, whether young or old, needed to be protected, and this simple action can protect you from other diseases.

On the other hand, the world is currently carrying out a new strain of the virus, Kov-19, which has been declared by the Ministry of Health to be extremely careful for people to wash their hands. After touching things from others or in public places.

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