There was a special meeting on February 5, 2020 Delegation of Ministry of Public Works and Transport led to clarification and presentation under the framework of the Supreme Council of Ministers There's a sense of urgency for the prime minister.

The questionnaire of Mr. Sok Sovan Vathana Sabong and some of the answers are as follows:
Question: Roadworks have been installed for drainage and blocked roads, which are important factors that the state criticized.
"The state has no budget, no drainage, and only the road to build the road before it is completed, but now it is well and well developed," he said.

Question: On the issue of truck companies, trucks overloading the roads, due to the poor balance of carriers, often outnumbered companies for excess weight. In the interests of the individual, the whole party is ruining the public interest, while the state licensing fee is only $ 20 million, with the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.
Minister: Recognized and expressed willingness to seize the title, remove the positions of those who receive it, and develop more intelligent scales to address the problem. Give it time.

Q: Chicken nests, many of which fall under the national federation of labor unions, need to be addressed while receiving their delegates. Karma in solution.
The minister clarified that he acknowledged that some of the road issues were being criticized by the Ministry, but some of them were sub-national administrative capacities that the Minister. Also recognizes and resolves through the road care app.

Q: Is there a lawful and unlicensed garage issue?
The minister clarified that he acknowledged and urged further officials to rule.

William's Opinion: Regarding the Dissemination of Drivers' Data to Submit the QR Code, which the Ministry gives to the Foreign Service Article 85 of the Penal Code for Article 6 of Article B, which is why the police officer made excuses for the driver, I ask law enforcement to stop you from getting your paper More.
The minister accepted this point and assured to propose amendments.
With regard to the issue of face-to-face, post-disaster roadblocks, etc., following the dismissal of the Minister, Will ask for more to deal with the following ៕ By: Columbus