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US – China: US President Donald Trump on June 18 warns via TWITTER that the United States of America The CCHR does not waive the selection for severance
Its relations with China.

Earlier, Federal Trade Representative ROBERT LIGTHIZER said before a congressional committee that he did not think that Cutting off the US and Chinese economies is a good option, but the US president said that It's not LIGTHIZER's fault. It may be that I can't hear it, but the United States has been steadfast in its political choices. Under the terms of the agreement, they are completely separate from China.

From controlling China's spread of COVID-19 to China's Hong Kong policy, the world's two largest economies Attempts to negotiate a trade deal have now been disputed over the years over issues. Though
However, Mr LIGTHIZER says at this stage I think that will be the case
Unreasonable political choices. Extract from website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)