Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Mr. Sokha's defense team suspects that the court used irregular documents as evidence to cross-examine their client. This is due to the fact that at the hearing yesterday, the trial panel, lawyers, government representatives and the prosecution presented a document that was to be questioned. Kem Sokha, however, has been claimed by his defense team that they have never received it.

During the day-long hearing, there was a tense discussion about the evidence being used to accuse Kem Sokha of treason. As is the evidence taken from the owner of Facebook, Kon Khmer, and the document which is a joint statement about the formation of the CNRP. Prosecutor's representatives took the documentary, the Joint Declaration on the Establishment of the CNRP, to Question Mr. Sokha, but were immediately detained by the team. Mr. Sokha's defense asked the prosecution's representatives to present the ID of the document as they claimed to have found no evidence. This.

The prosecution's representatives provided the IDs of the documents, and the lawyers representing the government, the prosecution and the trial panel even presented them. And they claim that they have all the documents that have been on the case since the Inquiry Council.

Meng Sotheary, one of the defendants, said that the documents in question were inaccurate, not included. In the original case, it is a newly added file. This claim, after she requested the prosecution's representative, found the ID but the document that the council was present to have no. But the badge.

“Ask the judge to see if the evidence is just a prosecution,” she said.

Kuy Sao, President of the Trial Chamber, testified that the document is on disk 126 in the case file received by the group The advisory was investigated and perhaps Mr. Sokha's defense team had not read or copied the documents.

The call to justify the evidence came at the end of yesterday's hearing. Kao Sao said that the rigorous proof-of-concept debate was running from morning to afternoon and declared 126 disks. It will be shown at today's hearing

Yesterday was the fifth day of the ninth week of a hearing on Kem Sokha's case over alleged foreign policy. The trial has opened up to the aftermath of the 2012 incident, notably Sokha's relationship with Sam Rainsy.

The trial began, with Ly Chan Tola, one of the four lawyers representing the government, requesting a jury Asked about Mr. Sokha's questions before 2012, he said, was related to Kem Sokha's relationship with Sam Rainsy.

Ly Chan Tola asked Mr. Kem Sokha why he had known Mr. Rainsy, had he talked to Sam Rainsy, had followed his political message. Sam Rainsy did not remember any of the key political messages of Sam Rainsy.

Mr. Sokha replied that he knew Mr. Rainsy as a fellow politician and did not follow all of Mr. Rainsy's political messages. Nor did he remember all of Mr. Rainsy's political messages.

Following the questioning of Mr. Sokha, Mr. Ly Chan Tola asked the President of the Trial Chamber, Mr. Kao Sao, to play a short video showing him. Sam Rainsy's speech to supporters, who were then president of the SRP. In the video, Mr. Rainsy uses words such as his armed forces to come from the Cambodian family to overthrow the Hun Sen government. In other words, he is not negotiating with Hun Sen and wants Hun Sen to step down as soon as possible. .

After the video was shot, Ly Chan Tola again asked Mr. Sokha if he had seen the video. Mr. Rainsy said that he had never seen them.

The prosecutor's representative accused Mr. Sokha of hiding information, while Mr. Sokha replied that he did not wait when the prosecution asked whether the initial negotiations between Mr. Sokha and Mr. Mr. Sam Rainsy made it, where, and who was involved. “I hide the information. If I don't wait, I swear, too,” he said.

Mr. Sokha replied that he adheres to the CNRP's principles: non-violent, non-revolutionary, colorless, Khmer blood Democracy. “Khmer Khmers, Khmer Khmers lost territory, Khmer Khmers were Khmer, they were foreign controlled,” he said.