Phnom Penh: President of the Cambodian Youth Party and member of the Supreme Council of the CouncilAnd the public openly reported that a man, a military officer, was abducting him and issuing a ban Have Lay speak on Facebook. Mr. Pich Soth also asked HE Sao ​​Sokha, Commander of the National Gendarmerie to assist him in the investigation.

In connection with the above case, on April 18, 2020, HE Brigadier General Eng Hei, a spokesman for the Royal Gendarmerie Please inform the public that "the Royal Gendarmerie is a special organization, all staff must live in accordance with the law".

General Gendarmerie, Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie, “Banned Gendarmerie employees on Facebook, harming Facebook The interests of the nation or the rights of other persons; Can disseminate action pictures to serve the people and the nation. ”

Mr. Pich Pheap, President of the Cambodian Youth Party and Member of the Supreme Council of Advisory and Counseling on 18 April 2020 “He was a military police officer who came to silence me from posting on Facebook. Please, Mr. Sao Sokha, please help to check this officer as I am a citizen also has the right to speak, ”he said.

“The owner, Mr. Jean-Jean Dona, contacted me, saying that it was not him
Send me a message to silence my Facebook post, stating that discipline is strictly non-existent
He said no to any civil rights and political talk, and he will file a complaint seeking his name
Come and threaten me. I was not impatient, but it was too much for me to let the commander in chief know.
But now that the name has come out, it is a good thing to avoid confusion. ”