Phnom Penh: The morning of February 5, 2020 at the Council of Ministers The High Level Advisory and Consultative Council has convened a meeting with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to clarify issues related to road infrastructure with Sun Chanthol, Senior Minister The Minister of Public Works and Transport led the meeting and all 16 party leaders attended.

According to a Facebook post, Pich Thros, president of the CPP, said: “I have four questions to the following Senior Minister Sun Chanthol: Is the director of the Department of Public Works and Transport really special?
Getting a house in the province for $ 60,000, the state pays for a driver and a driver. Is the same work true? And is this particular provision a state policy equally? While the governor of the province does not have a house to house.

2. What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport for poor roads? Because the cost is gone

3. Why is the Khmer Road no guarantee of the use of the roads
Seeing that front and back often?

4. Is HE Minister Thinking That Was A Bad National Budget When Roads Are Not Working In One Year?
Also, the remodeling and repair are permanent, as the road cement is not dry and comfortable… ..?

In particular, Mr. William Williams, President of the Khmer Party, also mentioned at the meeting.
Meeting with Ministry of Public Works and Transport at the Peace Palace During this meeting, some issues included: Road quality deteriorated Next. Make a road and dig a ditch. There is a QR code, the file is still dead. Car problems, road damage, tire damage, corruption, etc. These issues I will be debating to find a solution on the table. Our citizens want the Ministry to be able to clarify this issue. ”