Phnom Penh: Senior officials of the Ministry of Justice have responded to nearly 80 civil society groups that have called on the government and The court released those who protested that the court was an independent body, no one or any international group could put pressure and order on The court did not.

Chin Malin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, told the Post on Sunday by telegram that the statement Pressuring and demanding that the court release the accused and drop the charges is not a legitimate means of protecting the accused and will not What effect does the court have on the decision of an independent body?

He said: "Determining the guilt, crime and punishment of the perpetrators is the exclusive jurisdiction of the court on the basis of The facts and the law in force do not depend on the party or allies and organizations that support and protect the illegal activities of the perpetrators. No, the only legal way to protect the accused in a democratic society and the rule of law is to participate in court proceedings to "Protect yourself legally."

Moeun Tola, executive director of Central, said that the issuance of a statement by a civil society or association was just a call on behalf of Citizens as stipulated in the Constitution.

Mr. Moeun Tola said that in the past, the authorities used security to crack down on protesters, which was illegal because the security forces were not The judicial police officer. A total of 79 civil society groups issued a joint statement on August 18, 2020, expressing deep regret over Authorities used violence against peaceful protesters and arrested more than a dozen activists recently. These civilians hope that the court will be able to release those arrested and drop all charges against them. The Royal Government will be able to fully respect the right to freedom of expression and assembly of the Cambodian people.

Mr. Malin stated that peaceful protests, in cooperation with the authorities and in accordance with security, safety and public health measures, are the exercise of guaranteed rights. According to the Constitution and the law, protests without notice and cooperation with the authorities violate security, safety and public health measures, causing violence and Social unrest undermining public order, national security and the rights and freedoms of others, including pressure on the judiciary, is a crime against human rights. Law.