Phnom Penh: Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara also urged The competent authority officials must enforce the law effectively in accordance with the principles issued by the Ministry in which the authority authorizes the group over the area. Provincial / Provincial Authorities issue construction permits according to their jurisdiction.

The Deputy Prime Minister also asked the Ministry of Labor, especially the Capital and Provinces, not to ban any construction that is not in the law, is not allowed. In compliance with the law stipulated that all necessary requirements, especially large construction works, be completed. Seriously, do not give up There is a gap to the professionals so that no further problems are required to get a clear plan for the project Let's build on that later.

Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara, Minister of Land Management, Urbanization and Reparations, at the Dissemination of the Law on Construction and Standardization of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction To the Phnom Penh Administration as President, Vice-President of the Capital Council, members of Khan, Sangkat, and Working Groups March 15, 2020 at City Hall.

In that occasion, the Deputy Prime Minister said that Phnom Penh had advanced infrastructure and other structures and better security order for the center. The capital is a place where the economic, cultural, commercial and the heart of the Kingdom of Cambodia is located.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Land Management said the dissemination of the construction law is important for authorities at all levels as well as institutions. As a matter of fact, all the companies, the apprentices must agree in the spirit of high responsibility to implement the construction rules considered in meters Interesting about all management considerations in this sector which has 112 chapters and 112 articles.

Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara said that not only the purpose of the dissemination, the first goal would be for the authorities as well as the officials to know the principles. And key measures to ensure the proper implementation, unanimity, fulfilling its role and competence in a secondary objective Promoting the professional ethics of professionals and businesses in the construction sector Construction is aligned with the growth of the national economy by increasing investor and consumer confidence in the construction sector.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the dissemination was also organized in detail mechanism by training teachers for 588 relevant government officials. He has trained 588 teachers to disseminate the details of the law, as well as disseminated to registered engineers These two technicians are responsible for the quality of the construction technical standard as well as the number of construction sites you will need. Of these, 65% are engineers, 91% are architects, and the ministry has been disseminated to all listed companies in Cambodia, both Cambodian and foreign. In the paper Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction of 973 people.

He added that the promotion had a special purpose when it came out to be law enforcement because of the management of the work This is to disseminate this law and to distribute the certificate to those who have participated in the promotion developed by the Ministry. In the future, the apprentices will be required to tighten the rules under the law in order to ensure accountability High Efficiency Increases Trust in Investors in Licensed Construction