A man drives a tricycle in Phnom Penh A motorcyclist hit a man with a head injury.
The incident occurred at 14:50 pm on 28 June 2020, along Veng Sreng Road, in the village of Damnak II. Steung Meanchey 3, Meanchey District, Phnom Penh.

According to the scene, a man was riding a white scooter wearing a Takeo 1V1445 license plate. Traveling along Veng Sreng Road from west to west, a four-lane road crash happened Wearing a license plate along Veng Sreng Road from west to west, brake on motorcycle, injures man The head was taken by ambulance to the hospital immediately.

After the incident, the local authority arrived and contacted the competent authority to inspect the vehicle and motorcycle to be kept at the police office Let's deal with the legal issues.

By: Mida and Phanna