January 25th: Social media as well as the media Over the past year, Chinese New Year's robbers tried to run to the police for help, but no one was employed.

In connection with the above case, the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner on the afternoon of January 25 issued
The official reprimand for some of the newspapers, which stated that at the time of the victim's complaint to the Post, there was no official.

The case was a felony, and the victim had also been charged with a felony warrant and arrest warrant from the Kompong Speu Provincial Court.

The Press and Quick Reaction Unit of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Office as well as the Dangkor Police Inspectorate would like to deny and comment to the public that a news case There have been reported that there has been a moto attack in the last one and 30 minutes past midnight on January 24, 2020. Prey Veng Health Center HU Village, New Zealand Castle West neighborhood Prey DangKor Capital Post that officials do not have someone in mind to get the word complaints.

Apparently, on the night of the incident, there was a heavy force stationed at the 3 stations led by Deputy Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Police, Phon Sophoan. The following information was received by the Post, including Prey Veng Post Officers immediately following the sign by the Dangkor District. There are many trails and untapped forces Grabbed and let a blizzard officer nearby carry a victim named Noy Sokda, a male, about 34 years old, in business as a resident of Kram village. The villagers were sent to the health center to take care of the injured, and the postal police force told the victim to wait until about 20 minutes. After the force of the post came On the other hand, the above victims left.

In the morning, our forces reached out to the Mohasi police station to receive a complaint and clarify the six suspects. The name of Ngoy Sokda had an arrest warrant issued by the Kompong Speu Provincial Court and Ngo Sokda has long since fled the base. Noy Sokda, wearing the badge number 1IB.2805, we searched The license is not the rights of the above-named proprietary Sokleng living Geology A lotus ponds maids Sok.

After collecting information and national background, Ngoy Sokda, whose land was confiscated, concluded that the above case was a case of motor vehicle collision, but not driver. Not the robbery.

Currently, the authority is researching those signs to implement the procedure.

Many times, a number of newspapers have published factual articles, inspiring and inciting hatred at the same time. As a result, the Post Office staff is always on call for 24 hours to 24 hours to ensure the safety and security of their complaints. Yes.

Some media should first seek clarification before going public: do not publish the facts, but just want their segment to be well-known. Interested in Getting Like and Share ៕ By: Columbus