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A motorbike was found in Phnom Penh: Water Trap and suspected of being dumped until the morning of June 12, 2020 The motorbike owner then traveled to the Prasat Kratie Police Station of the Por Senchey District Police Inspector to get the motorcycle back And. The reason was that the man was drunk until he lost his memory, he was riding a motorbike, but he was fine Up and out of the water, unless the monkey knows where the motorbike is. 12 days later, after the news of the discovery, he was known to be his motorbike and asked for his motorbike?

According to the man, his name is Khan Mao, living in Boeung Trabek south of Samrong district, Takeo province. Damnak Village, Peam Commune, Tram Kak District, Takeo Province. And so far, he is 35 years old and is now a garment worker now staying in rented house in Angom village. 3rd granddaughter, Por Senchey District.

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The man also said that the part of the Honda Honda Dream Series 125 series 2017 Phnom Penh 1GL-2825 belongs to him. And not the thief, because he got drunk, fell into the water of the pond and wandered off for the last 12 days. Come on.

He added that at 4:30 pm on May 30, he was riding a motorbike to leave his rented house Ang Village Goes to Friends' Homes in Ang Phsar Village, Sangkat Chaom Chau 3, Pur Senchey District By 9 pm the same day, he left his home and was drunk. Riding a motorbike back home, but being too drunk to find his way home, he continued riding by car Along some roads and fields, some of them fell into the water of the pond without realizing it.

He added that he was then able to land on the water and was unable to get his motorcycle up out of the water. He walked out and also wandered the land for miles until the night deepened Po Vorn, in Phum Plum village, Snor commune, Kambol district, was also barred by security guards at a nearby apartment block. Go ahead. The security guard then took him to Snor commune, where he stayed overnight until the morning of the 31st. May called motorcycle taxi ride home to rent in Ang Chao 3 village.

The owner of the motorbike said that after arriving at his rented house, he was thinking of a place where the motorbike had fallen off Again and again every day, but no matter how hard I miss it, I never expected to see a motorcycle Back. On June 11, just 12 days, he saw the news reports of a motorcycle. In the water of Trapeang, and under the saddle, his ID and credit card name, and the name of the installment company, are known as: His moto was not until the morning of June 12, and he went to the third Chao police station to ask. Get the motorcycle back.

It should be reminded that at 8am on June 11, 2020, a local motorcycle was found in a motorcycle. The water in Trapaing Andong village, Trapaing Krasaing commune, Por Sen Chey district as they went to Trang Troeng and reported it to the police. They were picked up at Trapaing Krasaing Post and initially suspected of being stolen and dropped off. There is nothing but a motorcycle, a lock and a child, a wallet, a credit card and an ID card as well as the owner's documents. More.

Police then went under water and inspected the scene so that no one would die there, but after liquidation There was no place to bring the motorcycle to save and it was only then that he found the owner back Once.

It is worth remembering: One motorbike was found in Trapeang water in Por Senchey district ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)