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Mondulkiri provincial court report says father was sent to court on April 28, 2020 From sexually abusing a girl to giving birth to a seven-month-old baby, the mother sees the baby She became pregnant so she asked her daughter About her abusive stories.

The suspect, 42-year-old Sheng Sai, was detained by police on May 26 in Nong Khiling commune. A. Koh Nhek District.

According to deputy provincial police chief So Sovann, the suspect was the father
The first sexual abuse of a child was born in October 2019 and continued until she became pregnant. Just once.

The suspect had allegedly assaulted his daughter in the house at night while her mother was not there, he added. Blank her and then abused her until they finally decided, and threatened to kill her if she told her mother or relatives.

According to the answer, the suspect confessed to having raped his daughter three times in the house and at Six more cottages. With so many abuses, the father and son seem to have an unusually close relationship with their daughter Asked his father whether he would continue to love her.

According to the confession, the father confessed that he had not been close to her daughter ever since. Even her pregnant daughter began to be questioned by her mother and relatives, and the daughter confessed to abusing her father She. The mother then decided to file a complaint to the authorities to arrest her father.

The suspect was arrested on May 26 by the authorities on the rape of his child during pregnancy. Ning Khilick commune will be sent to court on the afternoon of April 28. (Edited by: Bopha)