Stung Treng: Provincial authorities are coordinating with more than 130 families living on the banks of the Se Kong River in Stung Treng town to relocate. The authorities, while a majority of them agreed when the site was to be developed, did not break down and contribute Promote urban beauty.

Meng Kung, spokesman for Stung Treng province, told the Post yesterday that most of the 130 families had already agreed. And to relocate houses off the river bank to live on the plots provided by the authorities more than two kilometers from the site. River banks and markets in S ក្រុង Reinforcing rod.

“If they have a house and have a family there, we will arrange to move him to live on the plot of land,” he said. For all the families there, back there. The plot is located in Stung Treng town. We only give them housing because they live on the river bank and have no farmland. Most people accept this and only a few others are considering it, ”he said.

Each family will receive a plot of land 10 meters wide and 20 meters long, and the new location is just available. The electricity connection will come in and soon the authorities will start adding clean water.

He added that about 500 to 600 meters of river bank will be concrete, which will be constructed by 2020.

He said: 'Prepare the river bank not to break, and especially their safety when he is on the shore and if broken, can give They are in danger. And for the beauty of the city, when he is on the banks of the river it hurts the environment. They live on the river bank, there is no plan. ”

According to the Ministry of Information, Stung Treng authorities have allowed people living along the river from the royal house to the Mekong bridge to be dismantled The construction will be completed by April 30 to enable the authorities to develop a clean city.

Ministry of Information: "In 2020, Clean City Mayor Say Kosal on 15 February informed the people. 139 families living along the banks of the Tonle Sap River in Prek Village, Stung Treng and along the Mekong River Evacuate your home Done on 30 April.

Separately, the Stung Treng city administration Facebook page also announced that the temporary demolition of the slum on the river bank was a public 129 were in favor and applauded for adopting a policy solution.

Biwann, ADHOC coordinator for Stung Treng province, who supported the project, said that the authorities had previously been involved in the project. Tried to negotiate with these people and he did not observe any coercion yet.

“The authorities have tried to intervene or solve the people's request. If they relocate to a social land concession, we support and applaud that resolution. Because it complies with human rights, civil rights or housing rights for them to live in a decent way, even though they live on state land. Illegal