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Banteay Meanchey – A family who years ago used a carriage as a mobile shelter because it was too poor but now has a hut It's temporary and even more tragic that the newborn has 27 days to sleep in a carriage no matter how much rain the family spends. Stretch out for cash and make money in everyday life.

The victim's husband, Sok Wei, 40, and his wife Beng Mom, 34, have three children. 11-year-old daughter was adopted by a police family in Kampong Thom province for adoption With them.

The family used to rent a carriage at Poipet International Gate and used to make a shelter (sleeping in a cart). Koh Santepheap has already published a series and generously donated donations. Not only that, the municipal and provincial authorities also provided food assistance.

By the time of the Kodivian era 19, the same family did not have a job as a wheelchair because Thailand was closing its borders. They push the carts, scattering all the way to earn a living. A 27-day-old boy gives birth to a 27-day-old boy He works with his wife for about one week after giving birth .

Ironically, the toddler just slept in the carriage in the heat of the day. It was raining, but the family covered the skirts with blankets, which seemed to be too dry. On June 4, the family's pick-up cart broke off the wheel and was told to change bowel movements because of a large fracture. Not available.

What's more, the family says they have no money to exchange intestines because they now earn 10,000 a day. Or more than 10,000 riel, just to cope with the family life hardly. Symbolously, the island agents paid for the bowels, wheeled carts and offered them little money for fear of starvation.

The family claimed that they are now seeking temporary land. They call on local and international charities to help them, because they now have no land and no business but to walk. If you choose to spend some money on temporary living, you will have to open the gates to get in.