Thai woman's doctor, Eileen, has confirmed that most women get cervical cancer from abnormal bleeding.

In a presentation to women on March 7, 2020, doctors working in the field of gynecology and gynecology at Royal Phnom Penh Hospital said that most women suffer from cervical cancer due to bleeding. Vaginally different from the usual. But there are a number of rare and potentially deadly types of cancer, such as a woman with pelvic region or whiplash.

She also said that most cervical infections occur in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Thailand, which in the future may be more prone to cervical cancer.

She added that cervical cancer is the first sign that a woman is suspected of having cervical cancer: abnormal bleeding, such as after a woman has sex (intercourse), she has bleeding or no blood. Due to the sexual intercourse, but the woman had abnormal bleeding, which is also a sign of cervical cancer.

For the treatment of cervical cancer, Dr Ton Rong, also a Thai national, said, "It is important that women go to the hospital first, because all cancers cannot be confirmed by a clinic." That. Early screening for prevention is key. That's why we encourage women in Cambodia to do a pelvic exam to find out what's wrong with her. "

All women should receive the HPV vaccine, a vaccine that prevents cervical cancer, he added.

Also, the doctors claim that most women who get cervical cancer come from the same sex. And most women over the age of 35 can get cervical cancer.

On that occasion, Dr. Elin claimed that the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital had all the tools for cervical cancer screening. First, the doctor will look for cervical cancer screening and test for HPV. Once the test was found to be abnormal, the hospital had a clearer examination.

On this occasion, both doctors and doctors suggest that in order to avoid cervical cancer, women must consider safe sex and access to vaccines first and foremost to avoid them. Let there be a problem.

Earlier in the day, the doctor also revealed the location of cervical cancer and its treatment to many women. The profit