Tbong Khmum, Governor of Tbong Khmum said on February 15, 2020 We will catch fish at Boeung Kru Lake in Memot district, Memot district, to start at 9am. Please know and join in the fun.

On the other hand, a large number of fishermen from all the Tikritis catch fish every year in Boeung Kok village, Salmum commune, together with HE Dr. Cheam Chan Sophorn, Tbong Khmum province Governor. You are so happy.

The governor also expressed his thanks to the provincial fishermen and the far-flung fishermen for their participation in over 20,000 fishermen.

It would be highlighted that the natural fishing ceremony in Boeung Kok Lake, Memot district, Tbong Khmum province in the morning of February 15, 2020, Mr. Khim Chan Sophoan, Governor of Tbong Khmum province, revealed plans to buy more fish species. Get rid of the lake and grow more flooded forests to increase the amount of fish in the lake, making it easier for people to enjoy the lake. Bring back later.

Mr. Cheam Sophoan stated that for the provincial administration plan, I would like the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to prepare more flooded forests and release more fish to get the place. Rich in fish when it's time for the National Assembly to come together for recreation. Here, by nature, it means that the people who live in downtown, live in Phnom Penh, or anywhere else, they can catch up. Well, when this natural catfish festival comes.

Please note that not only local people in the local area are involved, but also from far-flung people. That puts you in the catch more than any previous year.

According to the organizing committee, the festival has been held annually and this year there are many participants. Previous years.

This natural catfish festival has been held for a long time and is the legacy of the ancestors. In the rainy season, people always celebrate in a traditional fishing style.