Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Seventy-two children underwent successful cardiac and percutaneous coronary intervention at Kantha Bopha, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. A total of 165 children with dengue were hospitalized at both hospitals, while 1,889 children were hospitalized. Received general surgery from the above hospital in March. According to the March report.

Kantha Bopha Hospital has received Cambodian children, including mothers, according to a March report from Kantha Bopha Hospital. Visiting 82,776 hospital and outpatient services throughout the country in March. This 2020.

The report said 57,097 sick children were treated in outpatient units. 10,589 critically ill children were hospitalized. A total of 165 children with severe dengue were hospitalized. 1,889 children underwent surgery, while 71 children underwent cardiac catheterization and coronary artery bypass grafting.

For the maternity ward of Jayavarman VII Hospital (Kantha Bopha 3), 11,183 pregnant women were screened Pregnancy and inpatient care, with 1,782 women giving birth.

Kantha Bopha officials declined to comment further on the report, but the report said all treatments were free. For everyone. The report also thanked the 2,500 Cambodian workers who worked hard night and day professionally .

In parallel with the spread of the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Cambodia, Kantha Bopha Hospital calls on people to protect their offspring from transmission. Tuberculosis 19, by adhering to sanitary measures and following the instructions of the concerned authorities.

Pak Sok Khim, 37, from Takeo province, said that she had taken her 4-year-old son for dengue treatment at Kantha Bopha Hospital. Earlier this month, doctors were focused on treating and using good drugs.

She said her son was recovering from dengue fever because of his doctor's attention and she followed the teacher's instructions. Medical. So she is thankful to the doctors of this hospital who saved her son as well as many other children.

“When I bring my baby to the hospital, we have to pick up the number column and wait in line. By the time I got there, the doctor had asked for advice and help, to look after and pay attention. At that time I was very worried about my baby because he was very hot and gasped. But the doctor told me not to panic and let me go outside the room and the doctor came back and told him that he was not "I am very happy. I didn't know about Kantha Bopha Hospital.