Caption: A total of 3,136 Cambodian-Chinese troops have begun the 2020 Golden Dragon Exercise in half a month, starting on the 15th. March to March 30th in Kampot, the fourth gold dragon exercise, on the theme of "Combating Terrorism and Cambodian-Chinese humanitarian work.

The Ministry of National Defense announced yesterday that General Vong Pensen, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, and Wang, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Cambodia, had invited. Presidency announces the opening of the Golden Dragon 2020 exercise, held at the 70th Infantry Battalion Taekumiri, A. In the village, commune, Trapeang Dangtung Province.

According to the announcement, 2,871 Royal Cambodian Armed Forces [265] and Chinese People's Liberation Army [265] were involved in the exercise.

The Royal Cambodian Armed Forces [RCAF] used four helicopters, 10 T55 tanks, 12 DMT1 armored vehicles and six 122D30 artillery guns. As well as 12 mortars, along with several automatic rifles, intelligence equipment, demining tools, hostage rescue And e.g. Instruments for chemical detoxification.

The People's Liberation Army uses six helicopters, three 312D D30 artillery, 9 armored vehicles, 28 other vehicles Also many accessories and tools.

Content image - Phnom Penh Post

Cambodian-Chinese troops and equipment this year. Photo of the Ministry of National Defense

Chhum Socheat, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, told the Post yesterday that Chinese troops are undergoing strict medical checks. In search of the symptoms of Kovid 19 in order to take into account the safety of the people living in the exercise area and the health of the people throughout the country.

“Before the Chinese side came they had to check their army health.

More than 200 troops were also required to perform all physical checks, not just heat tests, because the training required a lot of exercise. Where the Chinese troops come from, we do not know, because the Chinese army is a mobile and an acute army. Every region, no matter what province, as we have divisions in every province. ”

He stressed that the 2020 Golden Dragon exercise will continue to focus on counterterrorism and humanitarian work, which is an opportunity for both armies to continue. Learn and draw upon mutual experiences to enhance professional capacity in disaster relief, peacekeeping as well as for defense tasksProcedures more effective and stronger.

The dragon ceremony will also play an important role in strengthening friendship and cooperation between Cambodia and China, especially cooperation, he said. Between the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and the People's Liberation Army, the steel friendship is stronger than at any stage under the leadership. Of the Prime Minister Snowmen Hun Sen and the President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China.

The China-China joint gold dragon exercise was held for the first time in 2016 and the second in 2018, the third time in 2018. By the year 2019, the two countries are joining nearly 3,000 troops.

Deputy Prime Minister Tea Banh will announce the closing of the fourth dragon's upcoming drill.