Battambang: Cambodians and workers who have just returned from overseas More than 260 people have decided to isolate themselves, their families and communities with the knowledge of prevention of the spread of the disease. 19 in Battambang.

Soe Bun Bunrith, deputy provincial governor and spokesman for Battambang Provincial Government, said people are now set apart. Talat Sisseak in Battambang city and 12 counties and self-declared in 251 communes in Khmer labor While Cambodian workers in Battambang recently returned The total depth of 15,699 people (7185).

Dr. Pov Sovannarin, Chief of Moung Russey District Executive Office, said that the placement of new people from overseas The same applies throughout the country under the Ministry of Health regulations, including health screenings, accommodation and dining. .
Cambodian workers who have just returned from Thailand are being quarantined at a factory in Battambang province. From Thailand, an army truck took them to Preah Monivong High School in Battambang City for a medical checkup. Put in a suitable place by car Staying and eating are not funded, and they support measures to curb the spread of the 19 polio epidemic. And to strive to prevent the disease.

Also, since the outbreak of Kovik 19, Battambang Provincial Health Department has sent 393 samples (female 137). Samples for coronavirus 19 were negative in 354 samples (128 samples) and in 8 cases (female) 2) Healed 6 (2 females) ៕ By: Ing Sarom