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Kratie: Materials include more than 20,000 masks, 4 soap, 6 gallons of alcohol, 6 billion budget as well
Some medical supplies were handed over to the provincial health department and the Kok branch
Yes, the Red Province for the use of the people to save the health of people against the disease Kov-19.

The Chairman of the Provincial Committee on Disease Control and Policy, Kratie province, on April 24 presented the materials From Provincial Donations to Provincial Health Departments Useful for rescue activities Provincial Health and Livelihoods in the Prevention of Kov-19.

Mr. Vath's provincial board said that the gifts, materials and funds that the provincial administration received, the provincial administration had been working on To the authorities and to the poor, especially the workers who returned from work The country enters its hometown They were placed in isolation for 14 days by their families to monitor their condition D-19.

He also expressed his thanks to the philanthropists who joined the Royal Government as well as the provincial authorities for their prevention and control. Reduce the spread of the HIV-19 virus in Kratie province and ask for continued humanitarian support In the health sector.

Also, according to the report of the provincial administration so far, the state has received the province
Donated material and money from every department, organization and philanthropy in the campaign to save the health and livelihoods of people living with the disease 19 Provinces: More than 70 million Riels in Provinces and US $ 3,200 Donated Government Officials His personal salary is around 230 million riel.