Prey Lang: A total of more than 10,000 organizations, associations and associations on February 28 Called the ban on the authorities against the activities of the people who protect the forest That is to affect the conservation of the forest.

They confirmed in the statement that the use of the Ministry of Environment's firearm rangers To prevent members of the Prey Lang community from celebrating the annual tree harvest in the country Forest oil is an unreasonable restriction on freedom of movement and disruption Efforts to conserve forests

According to the Open Letter, more than a dozen organizations, associations and communities would like to express their respect to Say Sam Al, Minister of the Ministry of Environment. High Point confirms that we are all members of Prey Lang Benin Community Network, Kratie, Stung Treng, Preah Vihear and Kampong Thom provinces working on volunteering to protect the forest. Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary Most regrets and frustrations at the measures taken by the Ministry of the Environment, which have prevented patrols, celebrations, threats, arrests and, in particular, excessive use of violence. Members attending the Prey Lang Celebration and Breaking the Forest.

"We would like to convey our deepest condolences to the Deputy Prime Minister, that we have been actively involved in the protection of the forest for over 20 years," the letter states. With the Royal Government's efforts to protect national resources and the restoration of forests, it is regrettable and disappointing that these efforts have not been successful. This message is displayed “We are encouraged by the Prey Lang community members' condemnation, harassment and violence against our members.”

We would like to request the Minister to explain the use of violence under the directive by Mr. Pho July, Director of Kompong Thom Provincial Environment Department, on the members of the Prey Lang Community Network On February 22nd at the Paddy Field. What mistake do we all have for using violence against the community? Is it illegal to participate in the protection of national resources in accordance with the Minister's call and in accordance with the government's policy? ?

Dear Minister, We would like to inform you why we continue to patrol the forest, regenerate and celebrate. Other traditions in the Prey Lang forest protected area because:

1. We all live and live according to the beliefs, cultures, traditions and customs of the indigenous people who depend on them.

2. Prey Lang forest protected areas are yet to be defined and managed. Allegations that we have gone to the wrong area will be misdiagnosed on a protected area, and

3. Whether or not we have a decentralized and decentralized region, the most important reason compels us to give up and face it. The danger in Prey Lang protection is the clearing of hundreds of hectares of forest land and the clearing of large rosewood trees every day. All provinces in the area are protected by anarchists and corporations The most worrying thing is that these actions could have been completely lost to Prey Lang without the efforts of all parties involved. There is no defense.

We would also like to inform the Minister that other charges by the Environment Ministry are being brought against us as a community. An area that is working to protect the forest as a criminal community is a threat that worries us. As strong as the law is, as well as the statements made by the La Hommek Kheng Peninsula The Minister of Interior and Minister of Interior and Mr. Hun Hun, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, emphasized that the local community does not require registration. Are you at the Ministry of Interior or not under the Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations?

All of us have a clear and hopeful hope that the Minister will review and facilitate forest protection in the region. Preventing the network of Prey Lang communities to patrol the forest, plant trees and celebrate the upcoming tradition as usual. Try one at a time. What gave us the real hope and the deepest hope was the decision to integrate Preah Vihear into the sanctuary. Prey Lang Forest in 2016 A lot of efforts and facilitation of the past deals have shown goodwill and commitment. The Minister is required to withdraw If there is no smart decision to do so, maybe the forest in the forest and other areas It can be almost completely blocked.

It should be emphasized that the Ministry of Environment, by Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State and the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, has confirmed that the site has always been visited by the Ministry. Provides good cooperation with the Prey Lang Community Network in patrolling and preserving natural resources Prey Lang forest, but the Prey Lang community network has undertaken a non-profit activity A clear look at the work of creating and launching a cocktail hour, a report generating public opinion on management, and National resources.

Neth Pheaktra said the Ministry of the Environment had no benefit against those who love and engage in natural resource protection but It is required that the law be obeyed. The Ministry of Economy has already advised many of the Prey Lang Network to register on the Ministry of Interior's website. Actual in carrying out the job and establishing honest cooperation in the management and preservation of the capital National.

The senior ministry official repeatedly claimed that under the auspices of their donors, Keep doing the wrong things, going from the right path, managing to managing, and trying to keep up. Prey Lang Problems: Anonymously hacking into unauthorized apps Officials from the National Forest Service have been cleared of misrepresentations of natural resources. That is an offense that is not scientific.

Please be informed that on February 22, authorities and rangers stopped the Prey Lang Network, monks, environmental activists and youths. Into the Forest for the Prey Lang Festival and the two-day Forest Expo – from 22nd – 22nd February 23, 2020: Intellectual