Japanese ambassador claims Japanese investors Working with Cambodian institutions, especially the CDC, with excellent results, and now Japanese investment is growing stronger. We mean that Japanese investors will come to Cambodia more and more, especially those that have the government's attention. Cambodia.

At the Peace Palace on Wednesday morning, February 12, 2020, Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen received a working visit to Cambodia. MIKAMI Masahiro, Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

During the meeting, MIKAMI Masahiro told the Prime Minister that in his six-month diplomatic mission to Cambodia, he was warmly welcomed by Cambodia. He also appreciated Cambodia's progress, especially in the economic field. He said he was "very pleased and very proud that Japan has contributed to the growth of the Cambodian economy, especially cooperation with Cambodia in this sense." More operations with Cambodia. At the same time, he also appreciated the Cambodian government's focus on the investment environment, especially Japanese investment. He added that Japanese investors have been working with Cambodian institutions, especially the CDC, to get better results, and now Japanese investment is growing, meaning that Japanese investors will come to Cambodia. Increasingly, and in particular, those investments have received the attention of the Cambodian government.

He also informed Japan that Japan is cooperating with the two countries' institutions and institutions. The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Energy has already held talks with Suy Sem and will continue to discuss ways to promote cooperation on energy. Electricity. In addition, there is cooperation in planning for Japanese investment in Cambodia, as well as Discussion and study on master plan for expanding and strengthening Sihanoukville port as well as Japanese contribution to Legislation, construction, and subsequent legalization. In particular, Japan is paying close attention after helping Phnom Penh capital on water purification, and this time it is. Pay attention to the important issue that the garbage is necessary and Japan has three companies that are interested. Invest in Cambodia. He also informed the Prime Minister that these companies would be involved in the bidding in Cambodia.

The Japanese ambassador also informed the Prime Minister that Japan will continue to assist Cambodia in clearing landmines and UXO. Is considering adding additional funding to the organization and is considering how to help Cambodia organize the Asia Conference – Europe this year and the ASEAN Summit in 2022
Japan is also considering providing assistance to Cambodia to purchase vehicles and equipment for use in hosting the ASEAN meetings. Year 2 0 2 2.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen thanked Mr. MIKAMI Masahiro for his assessment of cooperation between Cambodia and Japan. Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen said that Cambodia will continue to facilitate the success of Japanese investors in Cambodia this February. Cambodia cuts electricity prices by one cents a kilowatt, and Cambodia will continue to do better on the ground. Transportation, for the investment to be profitable Just dramatically raised. Samdech Techo Hun Sen thanked the Government and people of Japan for their support to Cambodia and for continuing to support Cambodia in the field of remedies. Non-explosives, as well as arrangements to help Cambodia make sure that the upcoming Asia-Europe and ASEAN meetings are accepted. Success. Samdech Techo Hun Sen also thanked Japan for its help in drafting the law. At the same time, Samdech Techo requested that Japan continue to help Cambodia to strengthen the legal standard as well as to check on the structures that Cambodia has been trying Built to keep the sector strong.

Regarding the port of Sihanoukville, which Japan is preparing to co-host, the prince said that the port of Sihanoukville Significantly, it is the only port that supports the Cambodian economy. Finally, regarding the collection of rubbish, Samdech Techo said that now the Royal Government and the Ministry of Economy are in charge. The company is in the transition because the old company will no longer be able to get the job because Phnom Penh has been growing by about 300 km to 600 km2, and in the short term Before that, both institutions, the Phnom Penh Municipality and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, were going to auction, so Japanese companies that were interested Emotions should go to the auction to help this rally