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Financial experts say that many Cambodian youths and women have a viable spending habit They are difficult in the future because of the cost, with no clear plan.

"We hear the words of many young people saying, 'There is a break-in,' said Professor of Finance," The wind. " They want to address the financial situation, which means when the end of the month is coming Their money is almost gone.

He says the term means many young people feel that their income is almost offset by spending. Didn't get that.

However, wasting money on unnecessary items is one of the reasons why young people and young people are at risk, he added. The situation is very clear.

Understanding what to pay for and what not to spend will help Cambodian youth and young people reduce their menstrual conditions Some relief. It is essential that they pay only the necessary things to avoid this situation. They must not buy goods at a discount, but when they are needed.