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In the past, we have seen monasteries in both urban and rural areas, and monks and lay lay lay lay people. Many are cypress, orchid and other eucalyptus trees, and obviously some of them are now.

These planted trees are not only a shade for the beauty of the pagoda, but are considered in-depth. Scientists can only assess that our ancestors are highly idealized and have a clear understanding of the value of forests in general. Forest is one of the most precious natural resources to sustain Live all kinds of people, animals and plants. Forest is one of the nation's main sources of forest, it can facilitate human life, animals and provide a lot of significance.

In addition, we find that monks and lay lay assistants have high ideals for protecting the quality of water for general use, such as digging ponds. Not only is the water safe for use, it is also a safe haven for fish. Living in other waters can live here and have children In the pool, the Marxist ideal because there are no cruel animal life living in the Wat and the surrounding temples shall be inviolable. The fish that live in the deep ponds of immaculate deep water are the source of fish in our field .

Therefore, planting trees, fertilizing ponds and taking care of the animals in the monastery are well understood. About the environment.

In general, we find that the ancient monastery was a resort filled with colorful flowers Full of shrubs and shade, the shade is a safe haven for all kinds of birds.

The pagoda was originally a clear pond of sesame seeds, filled with aquatic fish of all kinds. Monopoly in Cambodian society. San Sarin