A man drives a Bentley luxury car A steering wheel crashed into the side of the road causing serious damage to the car, and a radio presenter accused the media of extorting money. This incident occurred in Daun Penh district.

This incident happened at 2 pm Skip to 3 June 2020 at the corner of Kokkando roundabout, Srah Chak commune, Daun Penh district Phnom Penh.

According to sources from the scene, a car was seen by a black Bengalis wearing a Phnom Penh 2AT-0001 license plate. A man was traveling down the new Chroy Changva bridge heading northwest into Route 70, when he arrived at the scene. The left-hand side of the steering wheel hit the roadway, causing minor damage and the vehicle was badly damaged. Meanwhile, a man with the name of 99 has thrown his hand over the radio to the standard, saying that a journalist has been asking for it. The $ 200 from the owner of the car without any clear evidence causes the hot-button informant to put you in a rage and you The reporter contacted the team to arrive at the scene and advised then that the accused party had apologized. Public on the scene to end the story.

After the incident, local authorities arrived and inspected the scene without any serious damage. Take it yourself.

By: CEN Collaborators