Phnom Penh: On April 30, 2020 MMA (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. And Cambodia Securities Exchange held a celebration of the selling of AMK corporate license, known as the Corporate Bond CMA Cambodia is a licensed broker with a total amount of 80 million KHR or US $ 20 million with an even interest rate. 5.5% per annum and a five-year term of credit 9 April 2020 until April 9, 2025.

Mr. Socheat states that AMA is the first privately held non-financial company in Cambodia to issue equity securities. Public Debt.

He added that given the circumstances of the spread of the disease, the company understands that diversification of resources is a must. Essentially, a company with a single source of capital will face a challenge. Therefore, in this situation, diversifying capital from the stock market is the best option.

Hong Sok Hour, CEO of Cambodia Securities Exchange, raised the growth of the stock market in 2019 with the increase. Of the number of listed companies, the daily trading volume and the value of the shares, which in turn will help turn the stock market into a viable source of capital. Reliability of securities markets and investment instruments Interestingly, of the public.

Norng Saing, CEO of AMK, also mentioned that the issuance and listing of securities This debt is not only for the benefit of the company itself, but it also promotes and expands the securities market of Cambodia. This will inspire confidence and warmth in doing business in Cambodia, with capital markets being able to provide capital and The impetus for national economic development