Siem Reap District Governor Khim Fannin speaks throughFacebook post this February 19 that mission to help the farming community of female sweeteners was successfully completed before the plan All of the sweetness of the whole thing was bought and booked back today.

"I would like to inform on behalf of the Banteay Srei Sweet Peas community that their sales story has been completed," he said. Get it all done today, and the marketing program goes live in the marketplace (which was initially sold out). February 2, 6) will also end on the first day This is because of the huge demand for this and the unpredictability.

On behalf of the FWUC, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the public who came to help with the purchase. During this difficult time. Because of the zeal of the people from all over the country, this whole problem can be solved. Breastfeeding is done in less than two days. Among them are some individuals and companies that I would like to express my special thanks to and also: Lucky agreed shopping malls The items can be sold in all of their stores and priced at a reasonable price. The Free Marketplace is a place for free advertising and direct sales. Temple Group, which has dispatched a team of volunteers to help freeze and free ice cream, and distribute it free of charge. Retro Investment, which has successfully sent a team of coordinators for financing, decorating, decorating and managing the program. About 50 kg of cucumber is distributed to free riders and tuk-tuks. Lok Chumteav Ou Tita Pea (a friend and friend of HE Kouch Chamroeun) who volunteered to buy 10kg of sugar but donated the sweetener back All to leave the farmer for sale.

He added that a new historical page of the helping culture in Banteay Srei district had been set up in recent days. Although it is only a small issue, it reflects the generous commitment that the farmers of the district will remember. Attendance will be provided in times of trouble As of that collective consciousness plays and will continue to have in the heart PARADE All rupees.

Yes! Agricultural issues are generally serious and complex, including challenges and differences from region to region and may not be easy to achieve. Immediately resolve this case. This solution is just a temporary solution that fits into this type of temporary problem. In the agricultural sector, there is a need for long-term solutions and large-scale strategic solutions. But I believe that if we all contribute to the region, we will contribute to the Royal Government's efforts. Further, at a more policy level, we will be able to see new information from the agricultural sector.

Please note: Those who have booked a cucumber and a team will be sent by the end of the day, but I would like to ask for your help. For those who want to continue to help others, because the team is not available to sell to others. Brothers who are still interested in finding a sweet tooth for a girl Which can be bought at the market of modern Turkey. By: Columbus