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A resident of O'Dong 1 village in Prek Pra commune complained of being robbed by thieves. The night was not quite the day.

Residents said that before that, at the point where he was very comfortable, there was no such thing as an accident. Finally, by nightfall, thieves often resorted to stealing a little of this treasure A very worrying day.

For example, as of midnight on 23 June, the village of Andoung 1 in the Prek Pra commune on the way to the ice factory Thu Ving, a baker, allegedly stole a motorcycle from a family. Husband, wife, businessman sell fruit pie while husband runs motorbike while he is locked in a wall Properly, the robbers safely stole the motorcycle.

Remarmer's father says his wife and family are arguing over their debt today and are now gone. Roman, like his legs, cut off his career.

A resident of O Andong I requested the authorities to intervene to get rid of the robbers, but they did not survive. Every day, if you are still not safe, the people who are not concerned about the village, the neighborhood will be safe with the locals. And. San Sarin