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London: Miss England Miss 2019 Miss Bhasha Mukherjee has suspended her crown Returned to England to resume his career as a paramedic for life with patients at Pilgrim Hospital where Covid-19 virus is becoming increasingly common. Intensified in the country According to the TV CNN Released on the morning of 07 April 2020.

Miss Baasha Mukherjee, 24, of Indian descent, quit her medical career after Contested in Miss World in December 2019.

As a charity ambassador representing Miss Britain, Basimukurji suspended her medical equipment and focused on work. Humanitarian until August 2020.

"I was invited to Africa, to Turkey to India to Pakistan," she told CNN. And then to many other Asian countries to be ambassadors for charity work. ”

In early March, Miss Basa spent four weeks in India as ambassador for charitable schools and donated. Money also made a home for abandoned girls.

But as the epidemic worsened in the UK, Miss Baasha received a message from her colleagues in the UK. Her old hospital used to be Pilgrim Hospital in East London, where doctors told her about the plight Many are experiencing.

Basha Mukherji contacted hospital management to let them know she wanted to return to work.

She told CNN that I felt guilty about wearing the British crown, despite doing humanitarian work. At this time, people all over the world have died of Kov 19, and my colleagues are working hard Leaves. "I want to come home," she added. Frankly, I want to come to work. ”

Basha Mukherjee, who moved from the Indian city of Calcutta to living in Derby, England, was nine years old. She said: 'There is no better time for me to become Miss England and help England in this emergency. "

She added, "It's incredible that the world is in dire need of a doctor and I want to be One of those doctors and I knew I could help. ”

Therefore, Bashir Mukherjee decided to return to the UK on Wednesday 8 April after working with a senior British official. In Kolkata looking for a flight from India to Germany, then on to London.

Mugabe is on quarantine for another week or two until she can return to work as a doctor. Following her expertise at Pilgrim Hospital. Basha Mukherji specializes in respiratory medicine, but she says doctors are now moving to where it is needed.

As of Wednesday, April 8, 2020, the number of people infected with the virus has risen to 55,242 and killed 6,159.
CNN reaches out to Pilgrim Hospital for comment on Britain's beauty pageant G)