Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Interior claims that it is thorough in managing foreign immigrants in Cambodia, including more than 80,000 foreign immigrants are being The Ministry has issued a series of permanent residence permits to put them under the rule of law and perform their obligations as required.

A statement from the Ministry of Interior on July 10 stated that the immigration issue could not be allowed to continue. Risks to national security, order and social security, as well as economic development, since 2014, the Ministry of Interior has requested guidelines and Received the support of Prime Minister Hun Sen to resolve this issue with determination and responsibility for the national interest.

The ministry said: "An inter-ministerial commission and several executive committees have been set up to conduct a census of foreign immigrants. "Again, with a thorough review to evaluate the compilation of the official appendix table serves to determine the framework for management and resolution."

The Ministry confirmed that the final result of the closing deadline of the census of foreigners and immigrants on June 30, 2019 is Immigrants from all over the country have applied for 89,786 immigration status and 28 permanent residency permits, equivalent to 28 945 families, including 11 nationalities. There are 89,471 Vietnamese (42,836 females), 117 Thais (15 females) and 151 Laotians. 22 females and 22 Chinese (13 females).

According to the Ministry of Interior, in the process of resolving this issue, the working group confiscated irregular Cambodian administrative documents that foreigners were Occupied from the beginning of 2017 to June 30, 2019, 37,436 copies from 20,010 foreign families with people A total of 69,957 equals 11 nationalities. Among them, 19,967 Vietnamese families, 69,787 people.

The Ministry states: "Currently, the number of foreigners mentioned above is being issued a permanent residence permit by the Ministry of Interior. "Every two years) to put them under the rule of law and perform the obligations as determined.

Mr. Sung Senkaruna, Senior Investigator of the Human Rights Defenders Association (ADHOC), stated that it is the principle of the non-discriminatory human rights organization Either side. The organization respects their rights regardless of nationality. What is noteworthy, however, is that any nation usually has its own governing law on immigration rights and regulations. .

"In Cambodia, we see that there is a lot of open space for illegal immigrants to live in Cambodia until there is a compromise," he said. There are more permanent immigration cards. So we see a lot of compromise in this. The problem is that there is criticism from its people. "For the government, there must be a clear explanation of all these issues."

He said that if the government does not have good management of immigrants, allowing more permanent residents in Cambodia will affect the livelihood and Jobs of Cambodians.

Keo Vanthan, deputy director general and spokesman for the Ministry of Interior's General Department of Immigration, told the Post on July 12 that for the public Knowing the thoroughness of the management of foreigners and immigrants, the Ministry of Interior issued this letter.

He said: "We want to tell the management of foreigners immigration that is clear and thorough, and to manage foreigners immigration thoroughly, we Make a census to manage the figures precisely by entering them into the database and issuing them a series of permanent residency cards. "Immigrants who have previously held irregular documents, we have confiscated them."