Middle: Ministry of Social Affairs Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation yesterday inaugurates the first ever rehabilitation of juvenile rehabilitation centers in Cambodia in Kandal Stung district Kandal province to separate juveniles and adult offenders in prison for education _Doh cause and their rehabilitation.

At the opening of the renovation and construction, Minister of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation Vong Soth said that the center is located in Baku village, Baku commune, Kandal Stung district. The center is designed to integrate them back into the community and their families in accordance with juvenile justice law.

Vong Soth said: “The rehabilitation center has a vital role to play in the management of minors, providing vocational training, psychological education, treatment, care, protection and more. Helping juveniles become good and useful citizens for society. ”

The center will help ease the burden of prisons where both adults and juveniles are living together, he said.

The center will take up to 12 months to build, said Min Channy, a spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. On nearly 5 hectares. The center has a total of 17 buildings, of which 12 have been renovated and five are new About $ 4 million. There are buildings for the minor children, housing for them, vocational training and rehabilitation.

“After the construction is complete, we will take the juvenile offenders we sent to the current prison,” he said. Come back to rehabilitate them before returning them to their families or communities. ”

Channy says that according to reports from the prison, there are currently juvenile juveniles living in confinement with 1,695 adults while the center The rehabilitation under construction, which is under construction, can accommodate approximately 2,500 minors.