Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training on January 21 issued a press release in response to representatives of federations, unions and civil society organizations Petitioned to the Royal Government and concerned parties to address seven measures to help protect workers in construction That's some point The ministry has already been carried out, but will continue to examine any point related to the competence of the Ministry.

The Ministry of Labor's press release follows the Cambodian Federation of Construction and Forestry Workers' Unions (BWTUC) and the Center for Labor and Human Rights (CEN-TRAL) On behalf of the Federation of Trade Unions, 78 civil society organizations and communities on the morning of January 21, At the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Planning Land, Urbanization and Construction to propose seven measures for the implementation of safety standards at each construction site throughout Cambodia and Strengthen law enforcement in the construction sector.

"The ministry would like to clarify that some of the requirements of the ministry have already been implemented. Before that, the ministry will carefully consider all requests related to the competence of the ministry.

The Ministry clarified that for any requests beyond the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor, it would be forwarded to the relevant ministries for further review and settlement. .

The ministry added that the ministry is ready to cooperate with relevant partners to further address and address any concerns raised.

Sokkin, president of the Cambodian Confederation of Construction and Forestry Unions, hailed the Ministry of Labor's response on the petition of unions and civil society organizations. Submitted to the Ministry.

“However, we have received a response from the Ministry, the Marshals, to the government on the points we have asked for. Let us doubt the point that the relevant ministries and institutions have done this. But we will be on track for that yet. "

Seng Loth, spokesman for the Ministry of Land Management, could not be reached for comment on the matter.

Phnom Penh Municipal Governor HE Khuong Sreng on the evening of January 21 held a meeting on the dilapidated structure in the capital attended by district authorities All 14 departments and relevant departments in the Capital Hall have ordered 14 district authorities to oversee construction works Anything without permission Workers continued to stay in the buildings under construction. '

“The district authorities must pay close attention to the people. Observe construction sites under construction to see if they are legal? Meet technical standards? If they are found to be technically inadequate and unauthorized, they must be temporarily closed and the owner of the site will be called. The meeting is aimed at ensuring that these sites are compliant with the law and are technically sound. ”