Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training has announced the launch of public services related to employment and vocational training through automated systems from January 11. The provision of these public services at the sub-national level through the OWSO will be operational from March.

The Prakas of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training dated 31 December 2020 and recently published stated that this decision is Aims to improve quality, efficiency, transparency and accountability.

This decision is also in line with the request of the private sector in the professional relations working group of the Royal Government and the private sector.

The Prakas of the Ministry recommends that for public services that will be announced from January 11, access to public services related to Workplace Automation with Website

As for the automation system related to public services, education, technical and vocational training, access through the website is And automation systems related to public services. Foreigners are logged in through the Ministry's website.

The Ministry states: "Separately for public services under the jurisdiction of the Department of Labor and Vocational Training and the OWSO will be To be launched from March 1, 2021 onwards.

Heng Sour, spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, told the Post that the launch of the automation system was to improve quality, efficiency and transparency. Accountability and convenience to factories, enterprises as well as workers without having to travel to the Ministry or Department or the entrance to receive the Ministry's services.

Heng Sour also said: "Through this automation system, we also have clear data to maintain seniority and work history. Of workers, even if the enterprise changes or loses any documents. This database will also enable the Ministry to reference the seniority, professional recognition of each worker, whether he or she Work in the country or abroad.

Meanwhile, Mr. Heng Sour said that the Ministry is continuing negotiations with ASEAN countries that have approved the agreement on the free movement of physical Individuals to be able to divert benefits and refer to recognize each other's skills after the introduction of this automation system as well.

Moeun Tola, executive director of the Labor and Human Rights Coalition [Central], told the Post yesterday that the use of public services through automation would help. Convenience to service users by reducing budget and time. In addition, he said, the program also contributes to reducing corruption or eliminating it.

"This is beneficial for the private sector and the public, which reduces costs, because when he arrives in person, He has to spend time and money and there may be corruption from some corrupt officials. In addition, if he uses this online service, but he does not receive the service, then there will be something wrong.

With congratulations, Mr. Moeun Tola expects the Ministry to disseminate information on how to use this automation system widely to service users and companies. Seek out all the services so that they are aware and to make sure that the implementation of this automation system is successful.