PHNOM PENH, June 17 (Xinhua) – The Ministry of Interior on June 17, 2020 will continue to hold an inter-ministerial meeting to review and discuss draft law on civil status statistics, registrations and identification on Chapter 2, Article 23 of Section 05 on the Birth of a Newborn Baby. Outside of health facilities.

This meeting was chaired by Mr. Chan Sotheavy, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Justice, and the President of the Working Group on the Draft of Civil Status Statistics and Identity with the participation of Mr. Bun Houn, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Deputy Director As well as members of Congress, a team of legal experts, and a host of other officials.

In conclusion, Ms. Chan Sotheavy said, “Last week's meeting concluded with Article 22 of Chapter 2, and this morning the meeting will continue to discuss Article 23, Section 5, Chapter 2 of the draft. The civil registration law, and the registration and subsequent identification

It should be reminded that this law has 12 chapters and 169 articles with the following general purpose:

Firstly, ensure the registration of a permanent and permanent universal obligation.

Second, to ensure a permanent and permanent identification of the individual.

Third, ensure that residency registration is a universal and permanent obligation.

4. Ensure that everyone has a legal identity by registering a legal status and registration by giving each person a unique identification number.

And 5. Ensure respect for human rights, access to all kinds of services, and a basis for development planning and social progress monitoring.

Furthermore, this law applies to all persons living in the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia and of Cambodian citizens living abroad.