Phnom Penh: Cambodia has not yet been able to announce the closure of the Nov. 28 community event, with the Ministry of Health continuing to monitor the situation in this community. As the Cambodian Permanent Mission Explains to the United Nations the Necessity of Identifying 19 Positive Kovid Detectors Past.

Ministry of Health spokeswoman O Vandin told the Post yesterday that the ministry could not yet close the November 28 community event. Because the Ministry continues to monitor the copying situation in this community. She continued: "Because the results have not been shown yet and also have to wait for a high decision from Samdech Techo Prime Minister. "

The spokesman said that the Ministry of Health is currently working to fulfill its duties as well as cooperate with inter-ministerial as well as partners. To search for and find those affected by the November 28 community event.

She said that the contribution through the participation of the people in showing their identity, honesty, involvement or exposure to those who are positive. Kovid 19 is a major contributor to accelerating the search and rescue operations as soon as possible. Continuing.

19 Kovid patients found in connection with "November 28 community event" from November 28 to December 12 In 2020, there will be a total of 40 people (19 females).

The Ministry of Health said yesterday that the third test on December 12, a total of 8,814 samples in More than 3,000 samples were analyzed and 19 were not positive for Kovid virus, and the rest will be analyzed on the 13th of this month. Dec.

Regarding the disclosure of photos and identities of positive Kovid 19 patients, UN human rights experts in Geneva Expressed Surprise at Decision by Cambodian Authorities to Allow Personal Information of Kovid 19 Positive Test Person That this promotion is a serious violation of privacy.

Since December 4, the Ministry of Health has decided to disclose the identities and personal information of some individuals infected with Kovid 19 in the media. This decision was approved by the Prime Minister Hun Sen.

UN statement says experts welcome Ministry of Health Declaration of December 10 The Ministry reaffirmed its commitment to respecting individual privacy and human dignity and noted that the press release On December 11, the Ministry of Kovid 19 removed photos of some individuals diagnosed as Kovid 19 positive. .

However, experts remain concerned that the statement continues to maintain the personal data of individuals.

In response to the UN human rights experts' remarks, the Cambodian Permanent Mission to the United Nations and other international organizations Geneva-based media issued a statement on December 11 stating that the identification of coronavirus-infected individuals by The Ministry of Health is very important and will be most urgent in the circumstances that require immediate prevention of community outbreaks while not yet See clear source yet. This disclosure aims to protect the safety, public health and security of the entire population as guaranteed by international law.

The Permanent Mission of Cambodia stated: "The cessation of identity will also resume when community outreach is fully controlled. "Cambodia's fight against Kovid 19 incorporates human rights values."

At the same time, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched a $ 9 billion vaccine support initiative, a intervention to support access to vaccines. Vaccines in the Asia-Pacific region (APVAX), providing rapid and equitable support to developing member countries It also includes Cambodia as they begin to purchase and ship the effective and safe Kovid 19 vaccine.

A statement from the Ministry of Health said yesterday that Cambodia had found 19 positive Kovid 19 cases but not related to 28 community events. No November.

A 47-year-old Jordanian man was staying at a hotel in Phnom Penh on his way from Jordan to South Korea. Arrived in Cambodia on December 10 and tested positive for Kovid.

Seventy-six passengers were flown in with the patient and are being treated at two different hotels in Phnom Penh. A 32-year-old Cambodian man staying at a hotel in Phnom Penh as a passenger from Mali resumes flights to South Korea Arrives in Cambodia on December 11 and tests positive for Kovid, with 62 passengers on board with you He had a negative test and was admitted to three different hotels in Phnom Penh.

As of yesterday, Cambodia had 359 positive 19 cases of Kovid, including 307 recovering and recovering. A total of 52 people were hospitalized.