Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs this evening Press Release on the Vietnamese encampment at the border area in Kandal Province next to An Giang Province (Vietnam). The announcement came after the Vietnamese side also stationed 31 troops near the border of Koh Dek and Koh Thom districts of Kandal province at this point. The two sides have not yet agreed on the border line for measures to curb border crossings to prevent the spread of the disease. Cote d'Ivoire 19

The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has summoned Vietnamese Ambassador to Vietnam Vu Quang Minh to tell Vietnam about the military's military presence in the country. The disputed border area of ​​Kandal province. Cambodia also asked the Vietnamese ambassador to dismantle those military tents as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the invitation for the Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia was made by Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mr. Ot Sophea. Asking the Vietnamese side to remove all the tents soon and keep the original situation unchanged in the area until the border commission The two countries have resolved to set specific border demarcations in the region to create peaceful border, friendship, cooperation and development in common. For the people of both countries.

In this regard, on May 13, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia set a diplomatic note of protest. Thirty-one Vietnamese camps on the disputed border area in Kandal province, next to Vietnam's An Giang Province Asking for the Vietnamese side to move out of the tents and stop activities to maintain the status quo in the region in accordance with the Joint Declaration January 17, 1995, the 2005 Treaty of Agreement and the Agreement related to the border between the two countries.

Until May 28, 2020, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs set a diplomatic response to the Cambodian embassy, ​​stating that the camp On the border by An Giang province, this is a temporary measure necessary to prevent timely travel across the border during the epidemic. The 19 infectious diseases of Ivory Coast have not affected the demarcation and demarcation of border areas between the two countries. No. Vietnamese authorities have promised to relocate all temporary tents out of the area.

It should be highlighted that on April 26, 2020, Lieutenant General Chhoeun Sopheak, Commissioner of the Central Provincial Police, led the Deputy Commissioner, Commander Vora. Protecting Border 605, district inspectors and a number of canal posters inspected the border line on foot from Baghdad targets and The goal of the banana plantation, which is a 4700-meter canal, is to target the white areas in the area without breaching, constructing or planting crops. Other than the Vietnamese side, they could not enter Khmer territory.

During the inspection, the commissioner ordered the Vietnamese side to move the tent away from the white line, after which it was evident that the Vietnamese side had Construct nine tents and hammock in these areas.

After the inspection, the commissioner urged Commander 605 to command posters along the border line to regularly patrol along the border. It is a white area, so keep it safe and watch the tents as well as keep the cattle tied in the white areas.

By: Kolab