Battambang: HE Chea Sam Ang, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, requested the Battambang Provincial Authority and other stakeholders to identify the privately owned and owned land. The state in the multi-use area in Samlot district, Battambang province, clearly so as not to have such an interpretation.

This statement was made during a visit to promote human identification and land identification.
To review and find solutions to land issues in Samlot district on July 13, 2020.

HE Chea Sam Ang said that all working groups should make efforts to complete the land use in Samlot district by complying with all standards. Legal as instructed or ordered by the Royal Government
On this land issue. Resolving this task must be as quick as possible.
Effective, accurate, honest, acceptable to all parties. The problem-solving team must be accountable, united with each other and work with precision, without interpretation, so that the work can be completed smoothly and Fast.

Mr. Soeum Bunrith, Deputy Governor of Battambang Province, informed the local authorities about the Royal Government's policy on human identification and identity. The land in Samlot district must be implemented honestly and carefully, with various certificates to the people and participate in preventing encroachment. More forest land as well.

Mr. Soeum Bunrith instructed the relevant local authorities to implement in accordance with the Royal Government's policy thoroughly, no conspiracy For any benefit or thing, and if it is found that there is collusion in any irregularity, it hinders There will be no exceptions for land use planning in Samlot district.

Please note that the Royal Government of Cambodia has the Ministry of Environment as the staff to set up a natural management system in
National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, landscape protection areas, multi-use areas, Ramsar sites, core areas of biosphere reserves, natural heritage sites, national parks A total of 69 marine and biodiversity corridors cover more than 7.2 million hectares, accounting for 41% of the total land area. In Cambodia, 1,260 rangers from the Ministry of Environment are stationed in each protected area to patrol, protect and conserve natural resources. With the participation and good cooperation from relevant ministries, institutions, local authorities at all levels, partners and local communities. By: Ung Sarom