Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Education and Panasonic on September 9 announced a partnership to support e-learning to fight 19 Kovid. The ministry is proposing additional support for solar for the online school classroom project in the next phase.

The announcement ceremony was presided over by Ms. Kim Sethany, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education and Panasonic Representative in the Asia-Pacific region. From the Director of Information Technology Department, during the announcement ceremony, the company also donated 10 air conditioners to the Ministry of Education for installation In a multi-media recording room to provide a conducive environment for the production of video lessons. This is to support the production of e-educational content for digital education.

"At the stage of the 19 epidemic of Kovid, the Ministry of Education is providing online education to students at "Nationwide, schools really need electricity to support online learning."

She said it would be great if Panasonic continued to support solar panels to provide electricity to online classroom projects. Special schools in rural schools of the 19-stage epidemic.

Iijima, President of Panasonic (Iijima, Country Head of Panasonic) said that as a first step in this collaboration, the company decided to donate air conditioners to the studio, which the Ministry Existing and all new studios to create a cozy atmosphere, expecting to be a part of making it easier to The daily work of the education staff and the hard work of all the teachers because they are very important for education in Cambodia .

"We are considering what kind of support is best for society and the Ministry of Education, and we will continue to discuss with the ministry," he said. "Educate youth and sports on this."

Ros Sovacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said the ministry had asked the company for further cooperation to examine the possibility of providing solar panels. To schools in rural areas in the context of the spread of Kovid 19, the Ministry of Education plans to set up online classrooms in schools. "The installation of solar panels in schools to draw energy sources in demand in the online classrooms in schools, especially in Rural. "Panasonic is considering the ministry's request."

According to Mr. Sovacha, the company has contributed to the promotion of education in Cambodia by providing scholarships to students studying at the university and Some solar panels to educate students to ensure that they can still study even in rural areas .