Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has agreed to revise the textbooks for kindergarten in all subjects to a single format and common content in response to equality. Gender between girls and boys in kindergartens across the country. This is according to Ros Sovacha, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education yesterday.

At the Closing Ceremony of the Workshop on the Review of the Final Draft Textbook for Kindergarten Led by Mr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister Education on February 4 agreed to revise the textbook for kindergarten in all subjects to be officially launched for the management of teachers. Teachers practice with young children in schools.

The Ministry stated that the workshop agreed to revise the textbooks for all subjects in the same format and decided on the content in principle. Agreed and agreed on the content of the textbook.

Mr. Sovacha stated that the basic textbooks for kindergarten that the Ministry has approved to edit are 1 subject of psychology, 2 subjects of science, 3 subjects of social studies, 4 subjects of pre-mathematics, 5 subjects. Khmer language subjects. These textbooks will be included in the next school year after the approval of the relevant technical work.

Mr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, praised the efforts of all stakeholders in the development of this early childhood education sub-sector, especially Plan. Cambodia International, which supports the early childhood sub-sector and general education.

"We know that the preparation of this textbook is done in several stages and what we have in hand," he said. Already in the training of kindergarten teachers, this study is also good. However, it is still necessary to incorporate new concepts to integrate new teaching methods so that teachers have a comprehensive knowledge. And early childhood education. ”

The Minister said that the revision of the textbook for kindergarten, psychology and pedagogy for kindergarten is useful to integrate some parts. Going into a book can provide a foundation for experts and teachers to understand. Through this book, teachers do not have to study general psychology subjects, only learn about young children and quote important points related to Children's development and how they learn will make the quality of the textbooks for kindergarten more visible.

Plan International Cambodia has actively supported the implementation of the Ministry of Education's early childhood education program at the national and sub-national levels. Budget resources and technical inputs to improve the quality of early childhood education services in the community, especially in remote areas.

Ms. Quinnet Vong, Country Director of Plan International Cambodia, thanked the Ministry of Education and the Department of Early Childhood Education for accepting New ideas and active collaboration with the organization through the development of curricula and textbooks that incorporate teaching methods that respond to gender equality in order Improving gender performance in kindergartens across Cambodia. "This partnership is supporting vulnerable children in remote areas so that they can grow and develop," she said. "By their potential."

She said that through this textbook, teachers will have more tools and methods to facilitate the learning and play of children. Equality to reduce negative gender stereotypes and gender inequalities in kindergarten will help children grow up well.