Phnom Penh: Law on Electronic Commerce Will serve as an important legal basis for the development of e-commerce, especially in protecting the interests and building high trust of Consumers to use e-commerce as well as attract local and foreign investors to invest in e-commerce Electronic in Cambodia.

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, at the Ministry of Commerce, HE Pan Sosak, Minister of Commerce, chaired an inter-ministerial meeting to review and approve E-Commerce Strategy (E-Commerce Strategy) with the participation of representatives of relevant ministries and officially announced the adoption of important strategies This.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister informed that in the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, digital technology is the key to promoting Competitiveness of enterprises, businesses and business processes that contribute to improving productivity, increasing exports, creating jobs and boosting the national economy. Seeing the long-term vision to seize the opportunities from the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the Royal Government of Cambodia, the 6th legislature of the National Assembly Highlighting on “Preparing for the Growth of the Digital Economy and Responding to the Industrial Revolution 4.0” in the third rectangle Second, the fourth phase of the rectangular strategy. The development of digital technology is also a response to Cambodia's industrial development policy to diversify the economy by enhancing the capacity of small and medium enterprises. The local average is also linked to regional and global value chains.

In response to the Royal Government's strategic policy, the Ministry of Commerce has developed an e-commerce strategy as a roadmap for sector development. E-commerce, a new sector with high potential to create new sources of growth for the Cambodian economy. E-commerce strategies are designed in a cellular manner and respond to the recommendations set out in the various business-related strategy documents. These include the Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy Document 2019-2023, as well as the strategy and policy documents and sectoral strategies of the relevant ministries and institutions. Also.

In addition, the Minister also said that the e-commerce strategy was developed at the right time, while Cambodia has a law on E-Commerce, which was announced on November 2, 2019. The e-commerce law will serve as an important legal basis for the development of e-commerce, especially in the protection of e-commerce. Benefit and build high confidence for customers to use e-commerce as well as attract local and foreign investors to invest in the sector E-Commerce in Cambodia. On the other hand, the Kovid 19 pandemic has forced many enterprises and businesses to turn to technology and e-commerce. In order to keep their business running, this trend will certainly not fade away and grow even stronger in the future. The epidemic is mild. Therefore, the effective implementation of e-commerce strategy will further strengthen the development of e-commerce sector. Provides an efficient and highly competitive new business model for the use of digital technologies tailored to the digital economy context; and Market demand conditions in the condition of Kovid 19 and after Kovid 19.

Please be informed that the e-commerce strategy was developed by the Ministry of Commerce with the financial support of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF). Through extensive discussions with relevant ministries, institutions, the private sector and development partners.By: Kolap