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Phnom Penh: In response to criticism that Cambodian agricultural produce has no market due to cholera 19 Until some Cambodians are forced to dump mangoes because there is no market, the Ministry of Commerce maintains that Cambodian agriculture still exists Market for both export and domestic market if the goods Quality.

According to the Commerce Ministry's April 25 affidavit regarding posting photos and videos About being forced to dump mangoes in the absence of markets in the context of Kov-19, is not true. It is because of the bad mangoes caused by the ripeness of the package can not be recycled What happened.

The source said that the Secretariat of the Ministry of Commerce is pleased to inform Facebook and public friends. People know that after seeing photos and videos about being forced to dump agricultural produce by mango No Market in Case of Ivory Disease – 9 The Ministry of Commerce's team has already paid close attention to this case in order to find out the truth and take specific steps to Assisting the affected farmers.

Apparently, after arriving at the site and checking the dump, and interrogating stakeholders, the team found that the location was Why in a mango plantation, Phsar Treng Trang village, Treng Tray commune, Phnom Sruoch district, Kampong Speu province. Damaged due to ripeness in the package was approximately two tons Must be dumped because buyers can not buy because there are issues related to quality.

The public can also spot images in red that may not be available, the Ministry of Commerce said. The opportunity to ship to other markets, even to mango mills, is to export overseas. It takes shipping time, so demand quality mangoes Market.

"The ministry would like to inform that it is currently in spite of the situation of Kov-19," the source said. However, Cambodian agriculture still has a market for both export and domestic markets as long as the goods meet the market demand Especially the mangoes. ”

The Ministry of Commerce claims that the good quality mangoes are harvested at 500 riel to 550 riel. The kg of mangoes packaged for export is 900 riel per kilogram. Therefore, as long as the quality of the mango is not lacking in the market. Currently, Kampong Speu does not have a lot of mangoes in the field, brokers transport mangoes from Kompong Chhnang, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, Preah Vihear to sell to the Warehouse Export to Kampong Speu for export and service to local processing factories. The Ministry of Commerce and other relevant institutions are doing their utmost to seek to open up more markets for Cambodian agricultural exports. More to the world market.

Currently, 43-year-old Say Savoeun is living in Teung Pung village, Boeung Prey commune, Srae salt district, province. Koh Kong claims that the famine this year is brighter than last year, because the year 2020, he sells to local and international visitors to the price To 35,000 riels per kilogram, up over 20 years 19 which he can sell per kilogram for only 25,000 riel.