Sihanouk: Officials of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport are conducting a free training course for truck drivers of Sihanoukville Autonomous Port 180 people at the request of the port so that drivers can take the appropriate driving test in accordance with the law.

Chhuon Vorn, director general of land transport and spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works, told the Post yesterday that the driver training course At the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, it started on July 13 with 180 drivers of all types of trucks participating. .

He said: "Due to a request from the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, officials from the Ministry of Public Works to train driving. Heavy vehicles to the driver. "Most of the drivers there do not have heavy truck licenses."

He said most of the drivers had family licenses and came to work at the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port. Driving heavy vehicles that do not match the type of vehicle, there is a request to open a training course to comply with the law.

According to Mr. Vorn, this training course is conducted in 3 sessions, each of which lasts for one week, and the drivers who are trained in the course After completing the course, you can have the ability to take the heavy truck driver's license exam.

"The lesson is that we teach them their type of driver's license if they do not already have one," he said. We teach him to get a "B" driver's license, if they have a "C or D" driver's license, they teach him to get one. "E" type, which is a heavy vehicle.

Ms. Lim Sok, Senior Advisor of the Coalition for Road Safety, supported the Ministry of Public Works' direct implementation of the site. Training for such drivers.

"But I encourage the ministry to continue to implement this training mechanism for drivers in other companies and institutions," she said. Encourage the drivers who have received this training and must go to the driving test to get the correct driver's license according to the type of car. "Driving."

Mr. CHUON Vorn further stated that the Ministry of Public Works will continue to provide such training to heavy truck drivers at other companies. Request to the Ministry because the Ministry encourages the provision of such training without taking the budget until the end of 2020.

"The main point of this training is that we incorporate the code of conduct for drivers in addition to the theory of driving laws," he said. . "This driving code is very important for the driver so that he understands, tolerates and has good manners in driving on the road."